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Contact the WCIRB

General Inquiries

The WCIRB is not an insurance company and cannot assist you in obtaining workers' compensation insurance. To obtain workers' compensation insurance, contact an insurance professional.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California

1221 Broadway, Suite 900

Oakland, CA 94612

Attn: Coverage Information

Tel: 888.271.7615

Fax: 415.778.7272

E-mail: (Please include your complete contact information in any email correspondence.)

WCIRB Coverage Research Service

An insurer, employer, injured worker, licensed health care provider or attorney involved in a pending workers' compensation claim who is unable to locate coverage information using this website may contact the WCIRB directly to obtain more detailed information. From the WCIRB homepage (, click Online Services and then click Coverage Research.

The WCIRB cannot assist injured workers in filing a claim. Information for injured workers is available from the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers' Compensation.